Banner Advertisement

Online banner ads were popular for awhile and then seemed to fade out in effectiveness. Now they're back, but they've taken on new directions, formats, and professional marketers have learned much more about what works online. If you're looking to advertise online, the banner team at Om Kolthoum is here to help you with a successful banner campaign!

With more than five million hits every month, Om Kolthoum will give you the exposure you need as an individuals to small businesses to large corporations and non-profits web site.

Advertising with us is as simple as 1-2-3
  1. Pick the plan you like.
  2. Pay through the trusted Paypal.
  3. Send us your 468*60 banner.

You do not have 468*60 banner?  No problem, just email us your site information, and we will create a unique banner for you for $20.00.

Economy Banner Ad Plan

Deluxe Banners Ads Plan Premium  Banner Ad Plan
  • 1 Rotating Banner
  • Size 468*60
  • Cost: $40.00/m

  • 3 Rotating Banners
  • Size 468*60
  • Cost: $60.00/m

  • 5 Rotating Banners
  • Size 468*60
  • Cost: $80.00/m

All rates are monthly rates

To provide our customers with a good exposure, we do not rotate more than 30 banners each month.

In  In April 2009 we had a little over 6 million exposures.  In June 2009, we had 4.8 million banner exposures.

Each banner gets about 3% of the total number of the 4,800,000 exposure.  That is more than 120,000 exposures in With average of 0.08 clicks to exposure (depending on how attractive the banner is), you may get more than 9600 clicks from our site to your site. Three banners get 9% of the monthly exposure, meaning more than 360,000 exposures and may get 28,800 clicks from our site to your site. has the right to refuse any ad without a reason.  Our site will not advertise any site seems to be suspicious, or unethical.

Interested? email us at